Saturday November 12, 2005

Metric at the Gypsy Tea Room, Dallas, TX.

It is becoming a well-known fact across the indie rock scene that Metric simply rock, and are not a band to be missed live. Last year’s show at The Parish was so unbelievably fierce, and made such an impression, that I knew this year’s tour stop was going to be a hard sell.

We missed The Lovely Feathers entirely and only caught the tail end of Death of a Party ‘s set because we were late and rushing down to Deep Ellum from another concert. No, no. Before you think us too cool, it was a UTD ensemble concert that Jessica was required to attend. As soon as the last performer disappeared behind the curtain, we were out like a bad cartoon where all you see is a little dust cloud and the blur of something moving really fast towards the door. Death of a Party were pretty okay, and it seemed like a fair number of people were familiar with their last bouncy number. I’ll probably check them out.

This was our first time to the Gypsy Tea Room, and I was a little surprised that the show wasn’t slated for the Ballroom. I know the show sold out and people couldn’t get in. And the Ballroom was empty, so who knows. The Tea Room was pretty packed, though.

Metric’s opener, “Empty”, got off to a bit of a rocky start. It seemed that the sound at Tea Room was a bit off that night, as the drums were a bit buried and Emily’s microphone volume was spotty. The first few songs were a little rough, and Emily didn’t seem too enthused, but after that initial rough patch it started to get really good. Emily is the epitome of the rock star frontwoman, dancing like a maniac, jumping around, and whipping her hair into a blur.

Hilights of the night included a juiced-up rendition of “Calculation Theme”, sporting a bit more punch than the album version, and the encore’s “Dead Disco” which transitioned to a jam session to an alternate song(?) and then ripped back into the song, ending with Emily dragging her keyboard around like a crazy woman. I thought “Handshakes” and “Patriarch On A Vespa” tore it up, too. I love it when hearing a song live changes the way I hear the recorded version.

Songs I’m definitely sure I heard:

  • Empty
  • Glass Ceiling
  • Handshakes
  • Poster of a Girl
  • Monster Hospital
  • Patriarch On A Vespa
  • The Police And The Private
  • Ending Start
  • Sucexxy
  • Combat Baby
  • Hustle Rose
  • Calculation Theme
  • The List
  • Dead Disco

On a side note, is it some sort of tradition in Deep Ellum to shout insults at people as you pass in your car? We got insulted again as we left the venue, just like we did at the Eisley show. Just wondering if it’s some sort of counterculture thing or if there just happen to be a lot of jerks down there.

All in all (shouting jerks excluded), it was a pretty great night. I don’t know if it’s going to cut it as the best live show I’ve seen this year, but it might. If you get the chance to see Metric live, you really should!


sxates » 5790 days ago #

I’ve never experienced a drive-by insulting in DE before, so I guess it’s just you :P

Jared Christensen » 5788 days ago #


Abel Rios » 5788 days ago #

Yup. It’s official. I hate you. Can’t believe I slept on this one. Glad you had fun man.

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