Thursday March 29, 2007

Loving: Upside Down - Damesviolet

About five years ago, Jessica and I were just starting to date and looking for something fun to do one evening. We figured we’d look through the local paper to see if we could find any good live music, and randomly picked a band called Blue October. I’d heard of them before, and figured it would probably be an okay show.

You may have your own opinions, but Blue October turned out to be a dud. But the opening act, a relatively new band from Austin called Damesviolet, really made an impression on us. From then on, we made sure to try and get out to every show they played in San Antonio, even when it was held on the patio of a not-so-great seafood restaurant & bar.

Damesviolet’s core is brothers Beaux and Zak Loy and drummer Tommy Roalson. They play what I can only describe as honest, straightforward, earnest, heartfelt Texas rock ‘n’ roll. During my recent trip to Austin for SXSW (and, therefore, a trip to Waterloo Records), I discovered that the band had released a new record at the end of last year, and it’s really good. Upside Down builds upon the classic Damesviolet sound, adding slicker production and more complex arrangements to the mix.

Listen: Damesviolet – Still
Buy Upside Down on iTunes or CD Baby.



Travis » 5286 days ago #

I’m downloading Damesviolet – Still now.

LP » 5252 days ago #

I was lucky enough to see DamesViolet open for Bob Schneider at the Granada in Dallas earlier this year and saw them again in Dallas late in March. Awesome! I’m totally hooked. My favorites are “Sometimes”, “Love Heals”, “Not your fault”, and “Better Place”. I can’t wait for their next CD!

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