Sunday June 15, 2008

Loving: The Submarines - Honeysuckle Weeks

I don’t know why this album isn’t getting more buzz across the ol’ internets, because it is pretty much the epitome of a joyous summer album. Blake & John are back with their second full-length record, full of retro 60’s sounds, delicious melodies and the world’s most unsung musical instrument: the tambourine. Viva la tambourine. Viva Honeysuckle Weeks.


Greg » 4844 days ago #

Dude. No, seriously…dude.

Last night I downloaded this album for my flight to the east coast. The whole way here—after playing the album over and over agaiy—I was thinking, why haven’t I heard about this band before?! Ryan and Ethan are always talking about new music and is it possible that I might have found something really good that they don’t know about?!

It’s absolutely the best album for this summer and I’ve already put a dent in my iPod hard drive listening to it over and over again. Coldplay’s new album is good but I think the tone is better for the Fall, whereas H.W. needs to be played now.

I stumbled upon their live performance on KCRW. Don’t miss the vidcast of their three song set.

Ethan » 4843 days ago #

Just downloaded Honeysuckle Weeks off of eMusic. Sheesh, the pressure.

Travis Schmeisser » 4843 days ago #

Thanks for the tip – loving this so far!

Jared Christensen » 4843 days ago #

For reals, y’all. I’d also recommend The Submarines’ debut album, though it is a bit melancholy at times and may be a better winter-turns-to-spring album.

Ethan » 4843 days ago #

Honeysuckle Weeks is unbearably adorable. I can’t stop listening to it. I MAY NEED HELP.

Stefan Hayden » 4843 days ago #

I just saw them in concert here in nyc which I highly recommend. The show was amazing.

Luke Dorny » 4843 days ago #

Are you serious? “Adorable”?!

Just downloaded Honeysuckle Weeks off of eMusic . Sheesh, the pressure.

However, I will resist the pressure to download The Simple Life: Camp Songs that they are featured on despite Greg’s cajoling.

Luke Dorny » 4843 days ago #

Yep, also dropped Declare a New State! onto the eMusic Remote.

Thanks for the tip.

Jared Christensen » 4842 days ago #

@Stefan – JEALOUS.

Eric » 4841 days ago #

I first found out about the Submarines a while back when you mentioned them and Brighter Discontent. Their new album seems to be slightly less catchy/poppy, but it’s quickly growing on me.

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