Friday August 11, 2006

Loving: The Pieces/Heidi Gluck

I recently picked up the latest Some Girls album, Crushing Love. While I’m only about a week into listening to it, I’m not really impressed with it as a whole. The one song that did catch my ears the first time through was a tune penned and sung by Heidi Gluck.

That, paired with 3hive’s recent discovery of some of her solo work, brought me back to The Pieces, a band that Heidi joined back in 2001 with Vess Ruhtenberg and Devon Ashley. Unfortunately, The Pieces are no longer together. Their website has also expired, but you can read a bit about them and pick up the scent at The Pieces played minimalist, soulful, rhythm-driven rock and had one of the most unique sounds I’ve heard.

Listen: The Pieces – Lauren

Listen: The Pieces – Soda Machine
Buy The Pieces on iTunes or Amazon.

Heidi played in a number of bands (Heidi Gluck and The Accessories, The Pieces, The Only Children, Some Girls, etc.) as well as on her own. I’ve always been pleased with her kind of mellow, Midwestern pop-country style. “On My Own Again” is just that kind of song; melodic, pensive with a light brush of banjo.

Listen: Some Girls – On My Own Again
Check out Crushing Love on iTunes or Amazon.

Heidi’s personal site has expired and is now a link farm. For information on Heidi’s musical life, visit her page on


Kate » 5484 days ago #

Have you heard the tune “Slow Motion” – one of Heidi’s best (it’s at musical family tree).
Seeing the Pieces live, I always thought she was the standout. When she sang, she captivated the audience. I’ve felt the same way about seeing Some Girls live. Watching her sing and play the bass at the same time is mesmerizing. Again she steals the show – and that’s not easy to do when Juliana’s doing her thing.” The world needs a Heidi Gluck solo record. Badly.

Jared Christensen » 5484 days ago #

Yes, “Slow Motion” is a great song. My wife and I actually took a spontaneous trip to Chicago a few years ago to see Some Girls, and it was fantastic. All 3 of the Girls talked to us and were really cool.

Heidi’s a new mom, so we may have to wait a bit for that solo album…

Kate Again » 5483 days ago #

You drove from TX to Chicago to see Some Girls?? That’s amazing! Glad I only had to drive across town (Indianapolis.) :)

I found out “Heidi Gluck and the Accessories” did make a self-released album a while back but it’s pretty much impossible to find. (If I find a copy, I’ll let you know.)

josue salazar » 5479 days ago #

Man this band is hot. Thanks for the recommendation.

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