Wednesday September 27, 2006

Loving: The Cutters

This band is actually nothing new to me (I came across them a few years ago), but I have been meaning to mention this band again since discovering that their entire two-album catalog is available for free download. You can’t beat that. You also can’t buy the albums anymore (unless they’re used).

The Cutters are (or were; it’s unclear whether or not the band is actually still “together”) a four-piece out of Arcata, California who mix smart pop/punk music with endearing lyrics. Think of bands like the Breeders, Elastica, Blondie and Metric, and you’ll get the picture. Vocalist Angela Brown has a simultaneously sweet and raspy voice (think Chrissie Hynde) and her band pump out both headbanging rockers (Cigarette City) and quirky new wave (touch tone melody of “Everyday”). Both Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! and In The Valley of Enchantment are really solid albums. Check them out.

Listen: The Cutters – Postcards

Listen: The Cutters – Li-Li

Download all Cutters songs

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