Thursday November 17, 2005

Loving: The Chalets

I’m not really sire what to say about this band except that they are fun fun fun!

Of course, more needs to be said. Or does it? I think this band could be summed up by simply watching their video for the song “Feel The Machine.” There’s so much going on you’ll have to watch it twice, and you’ll smile both times. The video is clever (Chalet Doodleshop – ha!), and the song, while not brilliant lyrically, is rocking and danceable. Lyrics, schmyrics. Who needs words when you have such bouncy synths and more hooks than, um, that guy who does the bass fishing show on TV? Exactly.

While nowhere near the same genre, The Chalets channel a sort of obvious B-52’s vibe with the cheeky duo of PeePee and Pony (I swear, those are their stage names) serving up plenty of sass and cutesy vocals. There’s a silliness and complete disregard for normal conventions that make The Chalets a breath of fresh air and a sight to behold.

Check out The band’s website for songs off their new release, Check In.

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