Friday December 2, 2005

Loving: Stars

I was listening one evening, as I sometimes do, to’s music player, exploring the feature that feeds your ears music based on bands you already know and love. My Similar Artist Radio entry for Metric was returning some familiar band names; Montreal faves Broken Social Scene, Feist, and Stars — to name a few.

I’d probably heard Stars before. I get around. But this time, as the rich layers of “Ageless Beauty” rolled through cyberspace guided by the heavenly pipes of Amy Milan, I heard something new. Sometimes it just takes the right song at the right time to form that connection, the kind that you just know is going to last.

I promptly bought Set Yourself On Fire and have enjoyed countless revolutions of that CD. From the opening strings and horns of “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead” to the breathy pleadings of “Calendar Girl,” Set Yourself On Fire could easily burn a hole through even the harshest Canadian winter.

In the months since my first real introduction to Stars, I’ve taken the time to check out the band’s previous albums. While I’m not particularly fond of Nightsongs, my recent introduction to Heart has left me quite excited. I realized that “Elevator Love Letter” had passed by my ears before, and I felt foolish for not having followed up after hearing it. I should have been enjoying this musical warmth long ago.

Stars – Official Website


Abel Rios » 5770 days ago #

Dude. I’ve only been screaming at you to give this a good listen for 2 months now. How could you forget about “What I’m Trying to Say” and “Celebration Guns” (which by the way, does a fine job to help close the album). Set Yourself on Fire has been in the rotation for quite some time, and will probably stay there until I can feed my Stars addiction with some new stuff.

Jared Christensen » 5770 days ago #

Dude. I knew about Stars waaaaaaaaaaaay before you did. Don’t even front.

Abel Rios » 5770 days ago #

No no. I know you knew about Stars, but our little conversation about this album is what I was talking about. ;)

I always give you props on your selections homie!

Jared Christensen » 5769 days ago #

I keed, I keed.

beth » 5765 days ago #

I thought the new Metric album was a horrible disappointment, but Set Yourself on Fire is so solid. I was so surprised when I saw Stars a few months ago that the show was positively one of the worst I’d ever seen!

Trivia: Stars’ Torquil Campbell is also an actor and has been on Law & Order. The opening band (also on Arts & Crafts) The Most Serene Republic was ghastly too, and went as far as to cover a Stars song IN Stars’ set!

If you’re into all that Metric & Stars stuff, check out Apostle of Hustle (also on Arts & Crafts) and American Analog Set.

Jared Christensen » 5765 days ago #


Now I don’t feel so bad about missing the Death Cab/Stars show in Ft. Worth last month. Some bands really shine live, and some don’t. That’s sad, though, because a good Stars show would be beautiful.

I also was initially let down by the new Metric album (see my “Loving…” entry on that), but I think that’s because is was such a shift in songwriting styles from their last album. They were great live.

Rachel » 5764 days ago #

i thought stars was really good live. but maybe because i love the band so much i went in not accepting the possibility that they wouldn’t be completely wonderful. and they were. (ps. speaking of metric, when stars sang ‘soft revolution,’ they replaced the lyric ‘a tape recording with the sound of the velvet underground’ with ‘a tape recording with the sound of the OLD WORLD undergound.’ i thought that was cute.

DadaP » 5758 days ago #

Well I’m following them already since a while. I did an interview with them for our uni radio and let’s say their show was amazing. Yeah very friendly band as well.

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