Wednesday May 3, 2006

Loving: Skinny Boy - Amy Millan

Amy Millan is best known as the smoldering girl voice behind the boy/girl vocals of Stars. “Skinny Boy” is the sneak-peek track from her upcoming solo recording, set to be released in Canada on May 30th. If you ask me, “Skinny Boy” is a song that would sound quite at home on a Stars record, though Amy has expressed that these are mostly songs she wrote seven or more years ago—before she even joined Stars—and that they sound nothing like Stars. I haven’t heard but one other song from the album, and it does have a stripped-down folk/bluegrass feel to it. Anyhow, I am quite excited to hear the album in its entirely, but until then we’ll have to be satisfied with this one great track.

Listen: Amy Millan – Skinny Boy
Buy Honey From The Tombs from Arts & Crafts May 30th.


Check out “Baby I” on Amy’s MySpace page.


Jolo » 5616 days ago #

Exhilarating. I’m excited too. Thanks for the info jared.

Nik Steffen » 5613 days ago #

Sounds like it is worth a listen. Thanks

David » 5613 days ago #

This is lovely. What with the new Jolie Holland album out this week (in the UK), it’s a good time for music!

josue salazar » 5612 days ago #

love it.

J. J. » 5611 days ago #

Another fabulous artist I’ve never heard of. Sure hope Pandora and pick her up once the album’s released. Thanks, JC!

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