Friday November 30, 2007

Loving: Minipop - A New Hope

I first wrote about Minipop over a year and a half ago after discovering their excellent EP, Precious. Now the band has officially released their first full-length album, A New Hope (Star Wars reference?). The album was actually self-released months ago, but has now found a new life via label Take Root. A few re-recorded Precious songs join a cache of new, buttery-smooth dream pop songs. “Like I Do” is pretty much pop perfection. There’s a real innocence and purity that comes out of this band. A total lack of pretense. Music for all ages. I’ve been spinning this CD for months, and it’s easily one of the best albums I own. Totally recommended.

Listen: Minipop – Like I Do
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“Like I Do” on YouTube:


JAbbott » 5042 days ago #

Thanks for the recommendation. The album is available in MP3 format for those subscribing to eMusic.

JAbbott » 5042 days ago #

By the way, attempting to subscribe to the comments threw an error.

Jared » 5042 days ago #

Cool, I hope you dig this band. Not sure what’s going on with comment feeds, so it’s disabled for now.

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