Friday September 12, 2008

Loving: LoveLikeFire

This entry is long overdue, as it has been well over a year since I stumbled across this band. And what with them playing next week in Dallas at The Prophet Bar, they’re sorta on my mind. Not that I would write a blog post with the hopes that the band might read it and invite me backstage or anything. Psssh. (I’ll be the really tall guy with the cute redhead at his side, guys — just signal me when you want us to come backstage.)

I’ve been impressed with LoveLikeFire since the very first time I heard them. I’m also pretty sure I immediately twittered a link to the song I was listening to. And my wife and I even tried to go see them play in Denton last October, but the show was fraught with issues beyond the band’s control and we never saw them play. Disappointing. :(


LoveLikeFire hail from San Francisco and play music that I guess would be labeled “dream pop”, though I hear Britpop, punk, indie rock and shoegazer influences (among others) in the songs. I find that LLF’s music mixes well with that of Lush, Minipop, The High Violets, Stars and Blonde Redhead. Suffice it to say: it’s the good kind of music.

The band has 2 EPs out, Bed of Gold & An Ocean in the Air, and has just finished recording their first LP. I assume they will be playing new songs on tour. ♫ Awesome! ♪

And because LoveLikeFire is so awesome, they make it easy for you to listen to their music. In addition to the 2 songs linked up below (which you can also right click + download), you can listen to the entire An Ocean in the Air EP on the band’s Music page.



Matthew Pennell » 4753 days ago #

Excellent tip, Jared – downloaded, great stuff!

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