Monday September 26, 2005

Loving: Live It Out, Metric

Live It Out

Live It Out is the second proper release from multinational band Metric. 2003’s Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? gathered a loyal fanbase with it’s punchy synth-rock, decidedly anti-war agenda and the band’s energetic performances.

Though not as frenetic and immediately sing-along as Old World Underground, Live It Out is definitely not to be discounted as a sophomore slumper. It’s attraction is in the slow burn of the sonic buildup. Opener “Empty” sets a peaceful tone, Jimmy Shaw’s guitar carefully picking out a melody to chase Emily’s voice before tearing into power chord goodness. “Handshakes” and “Poster of a Girl” push some good energy into the tracklist before “Monster Hospital” brings back some of the Old World Underground vibe with Emily declaring, “I fought the war and the war won!”

While not as strong as OWU, Live It Out offers solid tracks and brings new dimension to the band’s sound.


Jared Christensen » 5836 days ago #

I’d just like to point out how well the new Metric cover matches with my site design. I think the band must have stopped by for a little inspiration. ;)

Joshua Lane » 5833 days ago #

Lucky bastard! How’d you get your hands on the disc? It’s not out until Tuesday.

Jared Christensen » 5833 days ago #

Crud, I was trying to be smooth by not posting this review until the release date… then the band pushed the release date back a week and I get busted!

There are tons of music blogs out there… you just have to know where to look. I, of course, only promote downloading of stuff you’re going to buy anyways.

Rachel » 5816 days ago #

i like their first album a lot more, but this one’s growing on me.

p.s. i enjoyed your description of ‘empty’!

Robert » 5746 days ago #

I really enjoyed this album, but in a completely different way then I enjoyed the first. Good read,can’t believe I passed up this website so many times before, I’m sure I’ll be lurking around here for some time to come.

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