Tuesday May 16, 2006

Loving: LDN - Lily Allen

Update for all you people searching for song lyrics: they’re on her website. Enjoy.

At the risk of being labeled “the guy who listens to nothing but chick singers,” here’s another “chick singer.” Hey, it’s not my fault that the more interesting music these days is being made by women. Okay, besides Sufjan and DCFC. I just namedropped 2 dude singers. Happy, Ryan? ;)

The music blogosphere has been all abuzz with adulations over Lily’s music, so I feel a bit like I’m reporting that that water is wet. Duh. “LDN” is a catchy rhyme about a bike ride through London, bookended and puncuated by the most memorable Spanish horn riff I’ve heard in a long time. Lily’s lyrics are streetwise, optomistic, punchy and lightly coarse (there’s something about a pimp and a crackwhore). But the song is so peppy those references sound like happy things. I love this song and I think you’ll love it, too.

Listen: Lily Allen – LDN



Richard » 5605 days ago #

I wrote about her a few days ago, only to be promptly informed that it was 2 week old news! Oh well. I love her.

Stereogum had an mp3 of “Knock ‘em Out” up for grabs, too, if you’re looking for more. She also has a mixtape she made title “My First Mixtape”, hosted on her personal website, too – you’ll have to do some digging for a link, but it’s there.

Jared Christensen » 5605 days ago #

Great writeup, Richard! I knew I was going to be the last blogger on earth to write about this song. ;) I have the mixtape, too, though I haven’t listened to the whole thing. I had no idea she was an offspring of New Order! That explains the talent, eh?

Martin » 5605 days ago #

Caught a Scottish band called ‘Camera Obscura’ last Sat night – really good, the album ‘underachievers please try harder’ is worth a look!

Jared Christensen » 5604 days ago #

You know, I tried to listen to that album a few months back and just couldn’t get into it. Don’t they have a new album out? How’s that one compare to “Underachievers…”?

Martin » 5604 days ago #

I don’t think the new album is out yet, at least I haven’t seen it knocking around anyway! I know what you mean about ‘Underachievers…’, it does take a few listens for it to grow on you. I think it’s worth the perseverance though..!

beth » 5603 days ago #

Jared, if you like (or sort of like) Camera Obscura, you should check out the solo work from ex-Belle & Sebastian singer Isobel Campbell. Good stuff. P.S. I’m loving the new colors, tres original.

Alan » 5603 days ago #

She sounds a bit like a female streets… only he is annoying and she is fun!

Have you heard Lady Sovereign at all? I love a little bit of shhh (the adrock remix), her album is quite good, dunno if it’d be up your street though.

Jared Christensen » 5602 days ago #

beth – I’ll check her out!

Alan – I haven’t heard Lady Sovereign, but other bloggers have compared Lily to both her and The Streets guy. I have heard The Streets, and while I think it’s very good it’s really not up my alley. I have to be in a very rare mood to listen to any hip hop besides Beastie Boys. ;) I’ll have to look up Sovereign here soon.

Alan » 5602 days ago #

Make sure you get the Ad Rock remix… has the fattest beat ;-)

James » 5590 days ago #

Great find Jared. Check out this New Yorker article on British pop—Lily Allen gets a few paragraphs.

Jezzie » 5573 days ago #

hey can anyone tell me the song words?

Jared Christensen » 5573 days ago #

You could always try her website: http://forums.lilyallenmusic.com/viewtopic.php?t=53

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