Thursday February 9, 2006

Loving: Come Clean, Curve

Come Clean

Come Clean isn’t a new release, but beloved music need not be new, does it? Curve was the collaborative effort of British musicians Toni Halliday and Dean Garcia. Note the past tense in the last sentence; Curve “officially” disbanded in early 2005, though they have been known to have broken up in the past only to return again.

Come Clean is the only Curve album I’ve heard, and I gave it a shot due to its comparisons to Garbage, one of my favorite bands. It is true that Toni Halliday’s decidedly British accent bears a sometimes striking resemblance to Shirley Manson’s decidedly Scottish accent, and both singers have a very similar vocal style and tone. But while Garbage’s sound leans more toward trip-hop, Curve’s Come Clean crunches and booms with big beats and electronica more akin to The Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, and Crystal Method with a splash of Republica. In fact, if the aforementioned bands remixed Garbage’s debut album, you’d no doubt end up with songs much like the slithering slow-burner “Dirty High,” tweaked-out sugar anthem “Cotton Candy” and the frenetic assault of “Chinese Torture.”

Want to hear something amazing? Head on over to One Louder (look in right sidebar) to hear a great live version of “Horror Head” from The Peel Sessions. It’ll make your ears happy.

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chris » 5701 days ago #

you should really check out GIFT. In my opinion, better than Come Clean – which suffered from wanting to play one up to Garbage (who completely stole their sound from Curve), and sonically more satisfying that their earlier work…

Jared Christensen » 5701 days ago #

Cool, I’ll definitely check that album out. Thanks!

Jake » 5685 days ago #

I do agree with the comment about checking out Gift, but I do like Come Clean as well. I seem to always want to play Come Clean and Version 2.0 back to back for some reason, and I will say that that is the closest the 2 bands have come to sounding alike. Yes, Curve was first, and Butch Vig was highly influenced by them, and that is how Garbage got a lot of their sound. You really should get all of their albums, as they are all great, but for accessibility, Gift and Come Clean are the easiest to get into first. Cuckoo was the last one I really liked, but it’s got a more coherent flow than Doppelganger. If you’re into something really melodic, dreamy, but kind of on the goth side, go for Doppelganger and Pubic Fruit. Both bands are amazing though – minus Garbage’s Beautifulgarbage album (except Nobody Loves You). I do prefer Garbage over Curve, but it’s safe to say that Curve has taken it upon themselves in doing things in different directions more than Garbage. So hats off to Curve.

Jared Christensen » 5674 days ago #

“Gift” is definitely a different flavor that “Come Clean,” and it’s great! Thanks for the tip!

Jon Hicks » 5662 days ago #

Hell, I love them all, but my favourites are “Horror Head” and “Sandpit” from Doppelganger. Great to hear of people discovering Curve!

BTW – Just realised my RSS reader hasn’t been picking up on your posts for the last year! Working fine now!

Jared Christensen » 5662 days ago #

Aw, you didn’t miss me in all that time? ;) I actually prefer the Peel version of “Horror Head” to the album version. I picked up “Doppelganger” at Waterloo during SXSW, and it’s been getting heavy listening love.

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