Tuesday January 31, 2006

Loving: Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?, The Like

Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?
The Like

I have to admit that I purposefully sidestepped listening to The Like when they first hit my radar. That’s because I saw their picture, and they look like they might not even have drivers’ licenses. I could almost hear the sonic train wreck as I imagined yet another bunch of wanabee rocker grrls like The Veronicas, Lillix, Fefe Dobson, and that chick who sung the “Billy Shakespeare” song.

My bad, because The Like could not be further from the aforementioned spazzy, insincere poseur-rock. Vocalist Z. Berg has a voice that rivals the rasp of Chrissy Hynde or the smoothness of Harriet Wheeler. Bandmates Tennessee and Charlotte are both equally talented and bring a more even-keeled sound to The Like than is generally popular right now. You’ll hear the band compared to The Sundays, The Pretenders, and a slew of other late-80’s/early 90’s bands, but this is much the same type of comparison that bands like The Killers or Franz Ferdinand get; there’s definitly an influence guiding the music, but the infuence has been trancended to make something new.

Most of the songs on Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking? are mid-tempo rockers, and while that may have put off a lot of people looking for that snappy bubblegum-rock, I like it just fine. I find the music layered and interesting, and Z’s voice is just an unmistakable gem.

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Ned » 5648 days ago #

I couldn’t agree more – her voice has a unique quality to it.

Marco » 5646 days ago #

And yet…listening to some of the tracks of their site doesn’t jive. I hear crisp drumming, and some limber Beatle-esque bass riffs, but their video reveals them to look awkward with the instruments (less so for the drummer). Love the singer though – I keep hearing Johnette Napolitano in there…

Jared Christensen » 5646 days ago #

Are you talking about “June Gloom”, streaming from Yahoo? The syncing was all messed up (retarded Yahoo! server lag). But even if they’re a ‘studio band,’ and not very good live, the record’s still good.

Johnette Napolitano... that name sounds familiar. I'll have to check it out...

Marco » 5645 days ago #

Agreed – I love all of it – and want to thank you for a great new addition (bought the EP last night).

Ms. Napolitano was the lead singer of Concrete Blonde.

Jared Christensen » 5645 days ago #

Oh yeah! Concrete Blonde… now that brings back some memories.

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