Saturday April 7, 2007

Loving: 23 - Blonde Redhead

Blonde Redhead is one of those bands that has existed in my peripheral musical vision for a while. I even remember downloading & listening to several tracks at some point, but it must not have been love at first sight because those downloads are nowhere to be found.

All that may change with the band’s upcoming album, 23. If this title track is any indication, 23 combines what I love most about Asobi Seksu, My Bloody Valentine & Curve: dreamy vocals, symphonic guitars and zesty melodies. Man, I should be writing for Spin or something.


Mat » 5279 days ago #

Ah yes, thanks for the memory jog. Like you, Blonde Redhead have been in my sights for a while but I’ve never taken the time to invest in them.

Jason » 5277 days ago #

Blonde Redhead’s previous output always left me feeling a bit underwhelmed. However, this new track — which I just heard for the first time earlier today — has piqued my curiosity. Gorgeous stuff indeed.

Jason » 5273 days ago #

You can watch the video for “23” here. Lovely stuff.

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