Saturday June 9, 2007

Loving: 11:11 - Maria Taylor

First, big ups to the dudes at Virb for introducing me to the music of Maria Taylor. Formerly of the duo Azure Ray, Taylor has now struck out on her own, making music on her own and contributing to music by Bright Eyes and The Faint (among others). In fact, if you’ve seen Bright Eyes’ latest video for the song “Four Winds”, you’ve already met Maria (she’d be the one playing the drums).

While Lynn Teeter Flower is actually Maria’s new release, it was her debut solo album, 11:11, that hit my mailbox first and made the larger impression on me. 11:11 is a record full of lush melodies and warm vocals stitched with threads of string arrangements and electronic flourishes. The songs are warm and intimate wth just a hint of alt-country twang — perfect for a lazy weekend. It has a wonderful personality that keeps me spinning it over and over again. Hey, maybe you’ll like it too!

Listen: Maria Taylor – Song Beneath The Song
Buy 11:11 on iTunes or from Saddle Creek.


  • Watch a live performance of Xanax. Beautiful song.
  • Listen to more songs from 11:11 and Lynn Teeter Flower on Maria’s official site.


Mukund Lakshman » 5216 days ago #

I wonder if it has any relation to the song ’11:11’ by Andrew Bird.

Jared Christensen » 5216 days ago #

Not sure, Mukund… there are quite a few mentions of the timestamp 11:11 if you do a Google search…

Mr. Absurd » 5216 days ago #

This song’s music video was actually featured in the Quicktime HD Gallery a while ago, and you can still watch it there.

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