Thursday September 29, 2005

Numero Uno.

I get plenty of unusual search strings in my logs. Thanks to the Beck lyric I had featured in my title bar a few weeks back, some lucky soul’s Google search for “crouton” turned up my site in his results. Haha! Brilliant! And it’s good to know that a search for “revolting entertainment” on ranks me at #2. Hey, if it’s not revolting, it’s not good enough for me.

But there are some good search queries that teach me important truths about myself. Like the one I found this morning. Ladies and gentlemen, I am finally the Number One Jared on Yahoo! (cue my new theme song, Blondie’s “Number One.”)!

Yeah, it’s only Yahoo!, but it’s a still start towards total search engine domination. My conquest of Google is still being thwarted by such nemeses as Jared Fine Jewelry and Jared Leto. Bah! Jareds, your days are numbered…


Justin » 5834 days ago #

Being under Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars is okay in my books, great band.

Alan » 5834 days ago #

By default I don’t like Yahoo!, because it has cached about 300 pages from my site, and refuses to take them out – even though it has hit robots.txt at least 30 times in the past two months. I value privacy, heh.

That said, being numero uno in any search engine is pretty cool, if that’s what you’re gunning for. My own portfolio site could sure use that kind of SE placement.

M.E. » 5827 days ago #

Number 1 on yahoo is awesome dude! BUT! Have you had a burrito lately?

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