Wednesday December 22, 2004

It Takes A Lot To Make Wednesday Exciting.


Wednesday = an eternity. It’s true. On this warm Texas afternoon it seems like the week will never end. The lovely breakfast indigestion from Bill Miller’s didn’t help, either. I am so looking forward to my brief Christmas break that I can barely stand the wait any longer. A scrumptious turkey dinner made by my wife. The prezzies. The Christmas movie marathon. The sleeping. Oh, the sleeping!

So my thanks go to Mr. Zeldman for giving me a good shock on this lazy afternoon. Like “Vince Neil’s heart meets the paddles” shock. Browsing my referral logs (what would I do without them?), I discovered semi-droves of hits coming from the Big Daddy of Web Standards’ “Of The Moment” list.

Thank you for the pick-me-up, Mr. Zeldman. Of all the unsolicited and surprising linkups this website has had, this is by far the happiest and most unexpected.


Ryan Sims » 6115 days ago #

Congrats, Jared! Nothing like getting an approving nod from the Godfather… you’ve definitely deserved it. Happy Holidays!

Michele » 6110 days ago #

I’m a new reader of your blog – just landed here 2 mins ago – and I can tell you really deserved it!

Mark Steinruck » 6096 days ago #

I echo Ryan and Michele’s comments Jared. You really do deserve it. The rest of us can dream.

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