Sunday November 7, 2004


Not that I had any doubts in my mind, but The Incredibles is incredible indeed.

Pixar once again reaffirms my faith in the future of animation with another entry in a growing list of “cartoons” that I do not have to be embarassed to have in my DVD collection. In a genre of film where animation often plays second fiddle to the blatant marketing of plush dolls and plastic playsets, The Incredibles rises above the fray and proves that, truly, cartoons can be intelligent.

What has always attracted me to Pixar’s stellar work has been their attention to the process of good filmmaking. While it seems that many other films (animated or not) rely on star power or the newest special effects, Pixar sticks to the tried and true art of filmmaking. The story and the script are at the heart of the film, and the amazing animation simply fleshes out the project and gives it a face.

Still, if all you are is simply a fan of great animation, The Incredibles does not disappoint. In addition to a top-notch script, the rendering style and attention to detail are superb. Camera movements, texture maps, and character expressions are all delightfully unique and entertaining.

Fun Fact: I actually graduated from college with an electronic graphics degree focusing on 3D animation. Thusly, animated films of this sort have always warmed the cockles of my heart when done well, and inspired furrowed brows and wrathful fist-shaking when done poorly. But all geekdom aside, The Incredibles is exactly what the name says: incredible.


Roscoe P. Coltrane » 6160 days ago #

Flash liked it!

Jared » 6158 days ago #

Roscoe, you clown!

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