Friday May 18, 2007

In Print.

I’ve been tangentially associated with a couple of books recently, so I thought I’d toss out some plugs while I’m busy not writing here. ;)

The Art & Science of CSS

Several months ago, I was offered the chance to serve as technical reviewer for this book alongside the ever twitter-present Dan Rubin. It was a great experience, and hopefully the authors don’t hate me too much for all my niggling and feedback. It shaped up to be a great book, so check it out if you already haven’t done so.

Textpattern Solutions

Authored by some true Textpattern heavyweights (Kevin Potts, Robert Sable, Nathan Smith, Mary Fredborg & Cody Lindley), Textpattern Solutions appears to be quite the comprehensive guide to my fave CMS. All I really know about this book is that:

  • These authors are smart cookies, so the book must be as well.
  • The book is thick.
  • It’s not in color, which is a good thing as innocent readers may have been blinded by the deluge of pink somewhere in Chapter 1: in Textpattern Solutions

That’s pretty cool. Thanks for the inclusion, Nathan! If you’re at all interested in learning (or learning more) about Textpattern, do take a look at this book.


Erik Sagen » 5238 days ago #

Going to snatch this up, like a warm batch of chocolate chip cookies. Then, and here’s the best part, I’m going to bug you and Nathan to no end for tips, tricks and mojo because I’d like to use this for my own site.

I’ve passed on Expression Engine (for now), looks nice but the nomenclature of ‘weblog’ referring to content confuses me even more than ‘forms’.

Next stop, Barnes & Noble and then I’m going to set aside some time to soak this all in.

(I never noticed the pony until just now. Weird.)

Jared Christensen » 5238 days ago #

Mmmmmmmm chocolate chip cookies

I’ve heard great things about EE, but I can tell you that Textpattern beats the pants off Wordpress. You’ll like it.

Let the flaming commence.

Wade Winningham » 5238 days ago #

While I’m a fan of Textpattern, too, I’m wondering how you determined that it beats the pants off Wordpress… Have you checked out Wordpress recently? What are a few reasons you remain with Textpattern?

Dan Rubin » 5233 days ago #

I am actually present all the time, just hiding (is it possible that I’m a lurker even on my own blog? ;)

It was definitely fun getting to help out with The Art & Science of CSS, I hope to do some more reviewing and/or writing for Sitepoint in the future. As for Textpattern, well, I’m still a WordPress guy for my blog, though that may change at any time, especially since I’m now digging into ExpressionEngine for some client work and side projects…

Nathan Smith » 5217 days ago #

Jared: Yeah, the Textpattern Solutions book was going to be in color initially, but because of all that pink, the publisher made us do black + white! (I kid, I kid)

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