Monday December 13, 2004

I'm Seeing Stars.

Partial screenshot - Blue Star website

As I’ve mentioned in the past, and as is evident from my portfolio, Flash develpment is often an active part of my design activity. Such is the case with the latest offering from our team at G2E, the relaunch of the official website of Blue Star Ointment.

Blue Star Ointment is a very old product, dating back to almost the turn of the century. The nature of the product’s use is a bit delicate, as it relieves painful and sometimes embarrassing skin conditions like psoriasis and jock itch. The product has amassed quite a cult following among the more elderly population here in the United States, but it is virtually unknown to younger consumers. As part of a new campaign to market the ointment to a younger, more internet-saavy crowd, Blue Star commissioned us to build a newer, more interactive website.

That’s just what we did. Using a mixture of vintage visuals and humorous language, we strove to give the website added punch. In addition, the content of the new website is approximately 600% more than the previous webpage. The new site offers great diversions such as icons and wallpaper, and great new information such as customer testimonials and product history.

» Check out Blue Star Ointment online!


chuck » 6123 days ago #

Hi Jared,

Wanted to let you know I’m really diggin’ your blog here …

I also really liked the blue star ointment site … although I doubt I’ll download a jock itch wallpaper :) I think that is so funny, actually…

Abel Rios » 6123 days ago #

Oooooh! Good work. :)

Matt » 6117 days ago #

That Decor page on the Blue Star Ointment site is off the hizzle! The rest of the site just kicks butt!
– m –
“m” is for marvel

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