Monday November 19, 2007

How To Architect a Critical Software Update.

  1. Don’t update your customers on how the update is going on your Home page. This is called “creating hype and mystique.”
  2. Maintain radio silence on your blog for 3 weeks after your initial “we are working on an update” post. This builds buzz and sizzle.
  3. Don’t update the product page with information on when your customers might expect the update. No one would look there anyways, right?
  4. Keep all discussion about the update confined to a poorly-constructed message board thread. And by “thread” I mean thread with lame navigation.
  5. Be very cryptic when responding to questions on the poorly-constructed message board thread. Everyone loves a mystery!


Ethan » 5053 days ago #

TextMate is just rolling in buzz, then.

Matt » 5052 days ago #

Ahhh, now I know exactly where I’m going wrong!

Discover CCENT » 5050 days ago #

Good job with the blog Jared. Nice design!

Marco » 5043 days ago #

It’s like you’re working from an observational this part of the mystery then? When do we start to sizzle? I’m smelling somethng, but it might just be the soup fumes from my tenant downstairs. Always with the cabbage – phew. Maybe her rent is too high…or maybe she really likes cabbage.

Daniel Black » 5039 days ago #

Aye. Sounds like Propel’r to me.

Jemima » 5033 days ago #

Sounds just like the update to Capture One… all confined to a thread on their message board, and an unhelpful one at that. No idea when it’s coming out and can’t update to leopard till I do. It sucks!

Joe » 5016 days ago #

Funny, you could be describing the recent unpleasantness with Google reader.

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