Sunday August 3, 2008

How iPhone Has Changed My Life, Solved World Hunger and Given My Car A High-Gloss Wax Job.

Okay, perhaps that headline is a bit overblown.

I’ve never owned a smartphone. In fact, I’ve owned dumb phones. Very dumb phones. Like, “Hay, muh name is Cletus. The internets? Ain’t that the little stretchy net on th’ ping-pong table?” dumb.

So my switch to the iPhone was probably more filled with magic and unicorns than the average person’s. I mused about what life with an iPhone would mean a while back, and I now know that I nailed it. I didn’t need an iPhone. That is to say, prior to walking out of the store with my crisp hott iPhone bag I didn’t need an iPhone. Now? Good grief, what kind of dirty Moorlock life did I used to lead? No mobile email? No video? No little pulsing blue dot on a map showing me exactly where I was, with disturbing precision? Inexcusable. Man was not meant to live without such necessities.

This is all to say that I love my iPhone, Steve Jobs is a shrewd, shrewd salesman and if I ever have to go back to a DumbPhone I will probably chastise it constantly, forget to pick it up from soccer practice and why can’t you be more like Lloyd Braun, you bad lazy phone.


Markus Langenfeld » 4795 days ago #

That Lloyd Braun guy, he’s crazy I hear. Buy excellent at selling computers out of a garage nonetheless.

Michael Montgomery » 4794 days ago #

I’m not certain you know the modern definition of “need.”

So anyway, is this how it works then? Redesign your blog, and your writing improves? Hmm, I sense a chicken, and an egg.

Jeff Adams » 4794 days ago #

Your making it hard to stick to my “I don’t need it” guns.

Nate » 4793 days ago #

totally concur with man’s need for a smarter phone. This thing is like crack.

been following your site via tylerjameslee for a while now, i dig the redesign.

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