Tuesday November 1, 2005

Hooray, Textpattern 4.0.2!

You know, Textpattern just keeps getting better. Thanks are due, in no small part, to Dean Allen’s growing team of TXP developers. Nice work, guys! Sometimes development can be a thankless endeavor.

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So what’s new in this latest release? Say it with me: “Error pages!” Yes, 404 error handling has been refined. After TXP 4.0 broke standard .htaccess error handling, replacing it with an, um, ugly generic error page, version 4.0.2 adds an error_default page template under the Pages tab, allowing full visual access to the page’s output. The real benefit here is that now 404 error pages can benefit from all of the TXP tags instead of being hardcoded.


Some feed issues have also been hammered out. I know I was getting feed weirdness as a result of upgrading to 4.0, but 4.0.1 seemed to restore my feeds to normalcy. Apparently there were some high-level issues that I didn’t have to deal with, but it’s good to know they’re fixed for when I may need them.


The mysteriously disappearing comments_invite tag can now be set to display always with the addition of the showalways="1" attribute.

The comment preview has also been given more flexibility. Comments, the comment form, and the comment preview can now be relocated to different colums or div's instead of being locked into one place.

So… Upgrade?

Absolutely. These are significant changes—especially the error handling upgrade. As usual, I had to rewrite my tabindex hack and attempt to remember what changes I had made to the en-gb.txt language file (please, guys, let us override that default language some other way!), but it was mostly quick and painless as far as upgrades go.

Rock on, Textpattern. Rock. On.


mat » 5801 days ago #

Are those sweet mulitple clean feeds I see part of the upgrade?

Jared Christensen » 5801 days ago #

No, but you just reminded me that I never explained how I achieved multiple clean URL feeds. I’ll have to write that up in the next day or two!

Garrett » 5801 days ago #

Yes, the upgrade was dead sexy, and it also included the comment form updates from yours truly. As for clean URL feeds, you better share that info or I will ask for more help on innane projects at work.

Nathan » 5801 days ago #

Phew, things went off without a hitch. I always sort of hold my breath when updating Textpattern, but this time everything went according to plan.

Alan » 5801 days ago #

I like that your RSS feed is yet to spontaeneously die.

Jared Christensen » 5800 days ago #

Garrett Any more threats and Ill start misspelling your name on purpose. ;) I had completely glossed over the comment form upgrade, as I have hacked way beyond the original TXP format, but that is an awesome addition to the package.

Nathan - I know what you mean. Sometimes it feels like I'm rolling the dice.

Alan Is there a dead feed somewhere?

Alan » 5800 days ago #

I subscribe through Firefox to http://www.jaredigital.com/rss/ and it seems to just die every so often. Like, it isn’t working now. Who knows if that’s on my end or yours though lol

Jared Christensen » 5799 days ago #

Alan – Textpattern insists upon using the most progressive, pure XML delivery—which often means that browsers try to download the feed instead of display it. I am certain that this is why Live Bookmarks hate my feeds so much. Truth be told, Textpattern is doing it exactly right; it’s browsers and readers that are behind the times. But I secretly wish that there was some sort of fallback plan for, you know, the current format that so many are using.

Jeroen Coumans » 5799 days ago #

Jared, you should really try using Subversion for upgrade management, if your host supports it. It preserves all your local hacks by automatically merging them, as long as they don’t cause any conflicts. It’s ideal for the little changes you make in the language files. (For some instructions, see the second part of my article on textpattern hacks)

Birgit » 5735 days ago #

Hi Jared,

as your contact form is down I’ll just post a comment in the most fitting article here…

Great site! I just love it and find it very inspiring.

And shame on me, I just tried to view forbidden content :)

As I am setting up my new site on TXP, too, I am looking very much at how you did stuff, and I just wanted to find out something on how you stored your layout images. Because I don’t want to throw them all in the /images folder and get them numbered by the system.

Maybe you can point me to some good resources apart from textbook and the forum (where image storing as mentioned above is recommended, of course), or even write a small how-to article for beginners…?

Keep up the good work.

Greetings from Germany!

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