Tuesday September 27, 2005

Holy Schnikies, That's A Lot of Hits!

As I took a break from hardcore coding activities this afternoon, I decided to check up on my site stats and comments, as I often do. When I got into my Textpattern admin panel and clicked on “Logs”, I nearly had a heart attack. My logs are up to 1,060 pages!

I usually only have log pages in the double-digits because I select to have them expire after 7 days, so 1,060 pages is quite a jump. A quick look at the latest page and a look back at random pages throughout the logs reveals that a single IP address has been requesting the same two images for the past four hours. That’s 52,000 requests, averaging 14 requests per second. The result? Thanks a lot, jerk, you just cost me roughly 250MB in bandwidth.

I’d post the IP, but there’s a chance the aforementioned jerk was simply the hapless user of a buggy browser. Is that possible? I seem to remember a high-profile blogger (I could have sworn it was Mike Davidson) writing about a similar experience recently, but I can’t seem to track down the entry. Luckily, I was able to ban the IP through .htaccess, but I am not happy. Has anything like this happened to anyone else? Oh, I’m sure it has. What did you do? Did you figure out how to prevent it from happening again?

My apologies to anyone who timed out or couldn’t get on the site this afternoon. I think we’re safe… for now.


kevin finlayson » 5836 days ago #

it ws hicks, not davidson. funny “lynx-guerilla” joke from someone in the comment thread.

Nathan Smith » 5836 days ago #

Wow, I’d never even heard of that. I suppose there are no preventetive measures that can be taken then? Seems like yet another reason to give up on Microsoft + IE altogether. ;)

Jared Christensen » 5836 days ago #

Gah, I canít find Hicks' post on the matter! I donít think it was him. I canít let it go, I need someone to comiserate with!

Update - I found Mr. Hicks' post! Yep, that sounds exactly like what happened to me. Down with filthy browsers!

Nathan Smith » 5835 days ago #

Man, I was just checking my referral logs, and I think something like this happened to me. I had hundreds of refreshes within one minute from some ISP in Latvia. So weird. I commiserate. ;)

Jim Renaud » 5835 days ago #

I blame the Latvian Orthodox and their garlic… and those majestic hats.

J. J. » 5834 days ago #

So is Hicks’ comment 42 the solution? You have any Javascript running that might help you avoid the issue in the future? This is kind of scary!

Alan » 5834 days ago #

J.J.: Looking at serious traffic statistics is, by default, damn scary. The amount of screen scrapers and email harvesters I found out go through my site is insane. The moment I saw those particular stats I almost had a heart attack. lol

Anyway, yeah, that’s kind of nuts. I barely use 250meg in a month, I couldn’t contemplate using 250meg on just an image or two. I’d immediately get insanely suspicious, like you have, to tell the truth.

Chris Kenworthy » 5834 days ago #

Jared was going crazy when he IM’d me saying they were sucking up all the bandwidth. He said it was 200 and some MB. I’ve seen sites pull that in a matter of seconds. The servers he’s on are good for 2 terrabytes a month. 300MB won’t hurt em’ ;)

Jared Christensen » 5834 days ago #

Sweet, Chris. I’m gonna start uploading my music collection for free download, mmmkay? That should decimate 2 terrabytes in no time. ;)

Joe Murphy » 5832 days ago #

Dude, get off the stat-crack. It doesn’t matter, really, honest. Relax. :)

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