Thursday January 19, 2006

Hair Nation.

Since my car is currently in the shop getting a nip and a tuck, I have a rental car. And that rental car has a product of the modern world that I have nary encountered: Sirius satellite radio. Satellite radio has more “stations” that the entire AM/FM band combined, so it’s been fun exploring various stations on my travel time to and from work.

This morning I ventured 2 stations down from my current fave, Left of Center, and had my entire early teenage years slapped back in my face. “Seventeen” by Winger sent a simultaneous wave of embarrassment and nostalgia through my ears. Man, did I love me some hair metal back in the 80’s or what? I remember listening to Cinderella, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, Europe and Stryper, just to name a few. Aren’t those great band names?

Some memorable names:

  • E’Nuff Z’Enuff
  • White Lion
  • Ratt
  • Twisted Sister
  • Warrant

How many can you remember? Come on, admit your fandom (or ex-fandom). Or is there some darker secret hiding in your musical closet? Hmm?

Extra: I just couldn’t resist throwing this link in here. Money well spent, News Corp. Money well spent.


Matthew Pennell » 5722 days ago #

Heh – I bet you couldn’t throw a rock in the air at SXSW without hitting someone with a shoebox full of 80s hair metal CDs and boxes of role-playing manuals hidden at the back of their wardrobe.

What else were we supposed to do when we were young and the internet hadn’t been invented yet..? ;)

Nathan Smith » 5722 days ago #

I admit to being a bit partial to Metallica back in the day, before they cut their hair and did the Load / Re-Load albums.

Jeff Smith » 5722 days ago #

I’ll stand up and admit that Ratt’s album “Ratt & Roll” still finds it’s way into my stereo every now and again when I’m in an 80’s metal mood.

Some more bands to add to that list: Judas Priest (I know they were conceived in the 70’s, but they were still big in the 80’s..another one of my favorites), Van Halen, Whitesnake, and Great White.

I’m sure more will come to me as the day goes on…

Feaverish » 5722 days ago #

Oh man, Stryper. That brings back memories. I also loved the Bon Jovi album “Blaze of Glory: Songs inspired by Young Guns II.”

Benvolio » 5722 days ago #

what about poison’s “every rose has it’s thorn”? i remember playing this to a girl i liked in year 9 at amanda mcreedie’s end of year xmas party.

and then there’s scorpians “winds of change” – who knew a whistling solo could be so haunting.

Lindsay » 5722 days ago #

Motley Crue… Aerosmith (they’re still great, mind you)... AC/DC… Def Leppard… aww yeah, nostalgia at it’s finest. I personally was not a big metal fan, I liked the odd song here and there. I was all about Michael Jackson in the 80’s; I ate, slept and breathed Off the Wall and Thriller.

Gustavs » 5722 days ago #

That picture is horrable, horrable, horrable! :D I can’t belive that people actualy that it’s something really good. :D

Sean S » 5722 days ago #

I’m a ninetees child so [luckily] only the stuff that survived from the 80’s made its way to my ear.

  • Van Halen
  • Aerosmith
  • Chicago
  • EWF
  • Fleetwood Mac
  • The Cars
  • Michael Jackson

... et cetera.

Jared Christensen » 5721 days ago #

True story: When I got in the car to go home yesterday, guess what was on the radio? SEVENTEEN by Winger. I kid you not.

James R. » 5721 days ago #

I went and saw Warrant again somewhat recently. Although they have NOT aged well, they still rocked. Heh, I’d like to see a pic of Stryper now :)

James R. » 5721 days ago #


Nathan Smith » 5721 days ago #

Sean: I’m sorry you missed out on the days of frosted, tight-rolled jeans, and their metamorphisis into Hammer-pants. This golden era is never to be repeated. Vanilla Ice, R.I.P.

Jared Christensen » 5721 days ago #

Nathan, did you own a pair of parachute pants? Fess up, now.

Andrew » 5719 days ago #

I’m proud to say that I have never owned a pair of parachute pants (although I’m in that age bracket.)

Recently, I was shocked to discover that our public library has rows and rows of CD collections which I suppose are donated by people who don’t need them any longer (at least, I hope my tax dollars aren’t funding this.) This has been a great place to reacquaint myself with some long lost songs which might be hard to locate in mp3 format.

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