Wednesday January 12, 2005

Golden Delicious.

It seems as though everyone is talking about the new products unveiled at MacWorld Expo yesterday, and who can blame them?

Image: Mac miniThe Mac mini was the showstopper, hands down. With a desktop footprint about the size of a single CD carrying case and only 2 inches tall, the Mac mini is poised to become the digital media center for fed-up PC users the world over. With the iLife suite included, as well as a reasonably large hard drive, there is simply no reason for anyone with a digital music collection, a digital camera and a secret desire for rock stardom to pass up an offer like this.

Well, it’s got to cost a fortune, right? I mean, all Apple products are all pretty pricey.

Wrong. At $499, this may be the most valuable Apple product with the smallest pricetag. While it’s true that the Mac mini doesn’t come with any of the peripherals that PC users are accustomed to (monitor, mouse, keyboard, and crappy inkjet printer), this product seems to be aimed at individuals who already own a computer and are either looking to switch to Apple or add a Mac to their network.

The iPod shuffle took me longer to warm up to. Even with its sexy size (think: pack of gum), 12-hour playlist and incredible $99 price tag, the screenless wonder just irked me. But I suppose you get what you pay for, and the shuffle is not all that bad. Turns out it’s not all about the shuffle; you can toggle between playlist in Order mode (which I assume is the order in which the songs were arranged on the iTunes playlist) and Shuffle mode. I imagine this product isn’t for people who insist on total control over their playlist, but it is definitely a stylish choice for many music lovers looking to enjoy music on the go.

I’m not sure abnout the iPod shuffle, but I see the definite possibility of the Mac mini sharing a KVM switch with my VAIO in the future. For my purposes, which include web development, web graphics, and digital media, the mini seems to suit me well. Sure, it’s no G5, but then not everyone needs a G5. Or an iMac. And that, I believe, is what Apple is banking on.


Joshua Rivera » 6094 days ago #

Exactly, I’m seriously considering picking one up. The only thing holding me back right now is the upcoming release of the Tiger upgrade to OSX and the fact I want a bigger video card. 32 megs just hasn’t cut it for a while, but once I can get one with 64 megs I think I’ll be making the move.

Jeff Smith » 6094 days ago #

The same issue has put me off from pre-ordering a mini as well Joshua. I want to be good and certain that I’ll be able to enjoy all of the great new features in Tiger without frustration. As soon as I get confirmation to this effect, will definitely be getting a visit from me. I think I might have to grab a Shuffle as well, I’m in the market for an MP3 player and I think this might suit my needs very nicely.

Chinthaka » 6093 days ago #

The main thing I like about the iPod Shuffle is it’s price. This was one of the major reasons I had for not buying any harddrive based mp3 players on the market now. The no-screen thing doesn’t really bother me, I’m not someone that keeps glancing at a screen all the time, also it has ample space (I’m talking about the 1GB model). Also the Mac mini looks sweet, I wonder if I could persuade my school to switch to it from the outdated iMacs we have now…

Shawn Grimes » 6093 days ago #

I see myself picking up the iPod Shuffle. It would be perfect for me at work. As far as the Macmini, I would love to have one, but I think i’m going to hold off until I can afford a nice iBook.

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