Tuesday May 17, 2005

Do The Hustle

I have been vaguely aware of this whole ‘musical baton’ tomfoolery that has been going around and now that I have been passed the proverbial baton by both Jeff ‘Jam Master’ Croft and Shaun ’.com/poser’ Inman, I am now much obliged to participate.

Total volume of music on my computer: circa 2GB. Is that not a lot? I guess I’m still fairly “old school,” preferring the spin of a CD to the bitrate of MP3s.

The last CD I bought was: Weezer, Make Believe

Song playing right now: None, but it would definitely be This Is Such A Pity by Weezer.

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

  1. Anything by Juliana Hatfield.
  2. Hell Yes, Beck. It’s just funky fresh.
  3. Right Between the Eyes, Garbage. Squealing guitars, murderous drum pattern, pounding bass.
  4. Combat Baby, Metric
  5. Mr. Brightside, The Killers

Five People to Whom I am Passing the Baton:

  1. Jeffrey Zeldman
  2. Jeremy Koempel
  3. Cameron Moll
  4. Addison Hall
  5. George W. Bush (seriously)

Update: I’ve successfully sent my invitation to President Bush. I can feel the Secret Service watching me already. I mean no harm, fellas! Honest!


Andrew Kaufmann » 5969 days ago #

Some good choices—What a Pity is definitely the best song of Weezer’s new album (and dare I say it has the best guitar solo in a Weezer song to date?) and Mr. Brightside and the Killers are as catchy as modern stuff gets.

Abel Rios » 5969 days ago #

Hell Yes to Hell Yes! :D

eyezberg » 5969 days ago #

nice blog here, but you may want to check the css for the article headers ; look at them on IE, scroll down slowly & back up, the letters overlap.
Good songs.

Chris J. Davis » 5968 days ago #

I get no love from you people!

I passed the baton to you and Greg over at airbag, and nothing!


Good selections by the way, Love the Weezer, although I was really hoping for another self-titled album, maybe pinnk, so I could have the blue, green and pink Weezer album.

Oh well.

Jared Christensen » 5968 days ago #

eyezberg – Thanks for the tip. I just opened IE and saw nothing amiss, though.

Chris – Really? I didn’t get your email invitation… it was out getting engraved, I gather. ;)

Chris J. Davis » 5968 days ago #

Jared: what you don’t check my site… like every day!?

Man, what a let down.

We really need to institute generic site pingbacks and trackbacks so you can know when I talk about you, but don’t mention a specific post!

JunaD » 5967 days ago #

You don’t know me. But I find this whole baton thing interesting. Finally someone with music I actually listen to. Weezer and the Killers. Rock on man.

Ryan Heneise » 5967 days ago #


I love a good bit of tomfoolery as much as anyone.

Thought you might want to know… your link to Shaun Inman is pointing to Jeff Croft. FYI.

Graham Bancroft » 5967 days ago #

No word from Mr Bush then?

Jared Christensen » 5966 days ago #

I am honestly trying to pass President Bush the baton, but the White House email contact form is experiencing problems. I’ll bet he’s got some Skynyrd in that iPod, though.

Abel Rios » 5966 days ago #

No love here either. Didn’t send out the e-mail though. Big doh! :)

eyezberg » 5966 days ago #

*Discussion moved to email - ed.*

Where is that song thing coming from? Hasn’t reached France yet it seems..
cheers, Joe

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