Friday April 30, 2004

Crave The Wave.

It’s been a while, folks. While I’d like to say that my absence from the Land Of Blog has been because of an increase in benevolent charity work, that is not the case. No, I’ve been very busy with work, Call of Duty, and the visual redesign of this website.

On the work front, we are busy. Tons of work, and new work coming in all the time. It’s a very good thing.

On the Call of Duty front, I am enjoying myself immensely. Of all the FPS games I’ve played, CoD is by far the best and most fun. And depending on what games I choose to join in on, I’m not half bad anymore. Clan servers are typically replete with players with godlike skills (or cheaters), but I still fare well on them. Good times.

On the redesign front, I am about… mmm… 40 percent there. I don’t have the time to redesign everything from the ground up, so I am doing the next best thing and redesigning the visual aspect of the site. It’s looking good and should launch forthwith.

FYI, indie rock has never been more awesome. Kristin Hersh recently disbanded Throwing Muses but almost immediately formed the new band 50 Foot Wave. The first CD came out last month and it’s a full-bore rock masterpiece. I should get my Forget Cassesttes CD today. They’re a two-piece band out of Nashville that do anything but rock a lazy country song. File under “better than the White Stripes, and not as pretentious.”


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