Tuesday August 2, 2005

Book 'Em.

Oh boy, it’s meme #2! I vowed to not participate in every meme that got pitched my way but this one has to do with books and the potential for snickering and pointing (“Look at that guy, what a plebian!”) is far too enticing to pass up. Additionally, I am surely the last person to do this thing, which makes it so uncool that there’s no way I can resist. Thanks, Aaron. ;) Here we go.

Number of books on shelf.

I have no idea. What, you want me to count? Suffice it to say there are a lot of books, and most of them belong to my wife. My section is pretty lean.

Last book purchased.

Drum roll, please: Web Standards Solutions by Dan Cederholm.

Book I’m reading right now.

That would be Ender’s Game. Never mind that I’ve been “reading” it for well over a year now.

Last five books read.

Hmmm. Give me a second to recall…

  • Designing with Web Standards by J to the Zeldman
  • Web Standards Solutions by Dan Cederholm
  • Digital Fortress by Dan Brown
  • Deception Point by Dan Brown
  • Defensive Design for the Web by those 37signals guys

Passing the torch to…

  • George W. Bush (I’m still waiting for your reply to the musical baton I passed you)

That’s all. No one gets another baton till Dubya writes me back.

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