Friday April 6, 2007


Last Tuesday was already a bit of a stressful day, and coming home to an apartment parking garage full of police cars and crime scene tape did little to help my mood. I like to think I live in a pretty safe and sane part of town, but the story that hit the papers the next day, describing the events that occurred 3 floors below where I live, was both bizarre and unsettling:

A naked woman dived in front of a moving car near downtown Plano on Tuesday night before stabbing a passenger who got out of the car to help her, police said.

Ms. Richardson, 28, was riding with two friends about 7:15 p.m. to an open mike poetry reading [...]

Before they arrived, Ms. Richardson jumped out of the car, ran into a parking garage on Avenue K and took off her clothes.

“Then she runs back out into the street and swan dives in front of a car,” Detective Minton said. “The car was able to stop before it hit her but was rear-ended.”

The husband and wife in the car that stopped got out to check on Ms. Richardson, but she ran back into the garage, Detective Minton said. The wife, who was not identified by police, followed her.

“The [wife] asks her if there’s anything she can do. And the [suspect] tells her, ‘You can help me with this’ and reaches into her pants on the ground and pulls out a knife. She stabbed her multiple times in the upper torso,” Detective Minton said.

(Full story)

Good grief, what kind of insane people drive through your peaceful neighborhood on a daily basis? Incredible.

We were already planning to move in a few months, but this seals the deal.


elliott cable » 5280 days ago #

I’ve been following this blog for a little while (sort of), but I had no idea you lived in plano! Crazy – my sissy’s there. She says you must be in east side, and of course it’s dangerous d-:

elliott cable » 5280 days ago #

Hmmm no editing comments. She also says she almost moved into that exact building (15th and K?)

tj » 5280 days ago #

i cant believe that happened in plano! then again… it is EAST plano…. move to the other side of central its less likely to happen, but you also won’t find nearly as nice of an apartment on the other side of central… wow.

Tim McCormack » 5280 days ago #

That’s incredibly special.

Keegan Jones » 5280 days ago #

So the moral of the story is: Never help somebody that is naked. Even if you almost ran them over.

Jared Christensen » 5279 days ago #

I wouldn’t say that the east side of Plano is dangerous (though it feels that way now). The area immediately surrounding us has a few low-rent areas, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s dangerous. And far east Plano is rather nice.

Aside from this incident, living here has been great.

Abel Rios » 5277 days ago #

Get out while you still can!!!

Jared Christensen » 5264 days ago #

McKinney is where the crazies come from. :D

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