Monday December 5, 2005


After passing up two previous rounds of submissions and then weeks of waiting for Round 3 announcements, interlaced with nail-biting and a mounting retaliatory urge to create my own blog network (cheekily named the 10commandments Network), I received an invitational email from Paul. Ah, success!

So why wait to until now to join 9rules? For starters, I had to make sure that the rumors of gold-plated iPods and Aston Martins for new members were true, and the rumblings of RFID implants and rubber hose initiations were false. Having completed my research and finding the benefits to be, um, beneficial, I broke out my trusty Mango Tango Crayola crayon and scribbled my acceptance letter to Paul. The rest, as they say, is history (or, in this case, heavily embellished fiction mixed with the questionable truth).

So as I write this entry from the backseat of my Aston Martin, my gold-plated iPod gently serenading me with a random selection of “Freebird,” I welcome those of you joining me from a link on 9rules. I feel as though I’m in good company, for sure, and I look forward to meeting lots of you on our 2006 summer retreat to Como. We’ll sip hot beverages in quaint cafes, sail on the lake, and play croquet in the piazza. Huzzah!

I tend to write about a broad smattering of topics, so hopefully there’s something for everyone. Whether I’m nerding out about the latest version of Textpattern, giving Sony BMG’s technology partner the backhanding they deserve, or evangelizing my latest musical discovery, I aims to please. I hope you enjoy your visits here.



Nathan Smith » 5767 days ago #

Jared: Welcome to 9rules, you’ll love it. I ended up switching to a Lamborghini instead of the Aston, because I wanted something sporty that had guillotine doors. I’m wondering if that was a good decision though, because now it’s impossible to open the doors in my 20-car garage. I guess I’ll have to build one with vaulted celings. Oh well, back to sitting by my pool, sipping martinis and eating various expensive shellfish.

Jared Christensen » 5767 days ago #

Thanks, Nathan. I love my Aston Martin, though I’m wondering if it was a good idea to let Billy Joel borrow it for the weekend. It’s like the guy thinks that just because he can see over my fence, he’s entitled to mooching priviledges. Dang, sometimes it really sucks living in the Hamptons.

Mat » 5767 days ago #

Is there no one that can resist the evil lure of Scrivs?

Although, I am a little skeptical about networks, you are in some very good company so he must be doing something right.

Pierce » 5767 days ago #

I’m shocked. Never saw this coming. Who will they take next?

To be honest, I’m waiting for 9rules to approach me. Submissions? Pah.

Matt Brett » 5767 days ago #

Seriously, awesome! Welcome Jared.

There have definitely been some surprises in the Round 3 additions. I was in disbelief when I was accepted and that feeling is revisited upon me each time I see a site like this added to the network.

feaverish » 5767 days ago #

Congratulations! Although I do like that 10commandments idea…

Lea » 5767 days ago #

You forgot to mention the 9rules retreat to Hawaii, and the Swarovski Crystal-crusted cell phones for each member to always be on call and in style.

And see, folks, it’s the power of PINK. Once you go over to the pink side, the rest will follow.

Jared Christensen » 5767 days ago #

@ Lea: Right. On. Though bejeweled cellphones are a bit too “Lindsay Lohan” for me. I’m getting Mexican jumping beans glued to mine. Ole!

@ Mat: Evil lures are the new black!

@ Feaverish: You know it. 10commandments was gonna be chock full of irrational and fatal membership application demands.

@ All: Thanks for the congrats!

Scrivs » 5767 days ago #

I love how all you members talk about your cool 9rules gifts and I, the CEO, can’t even get some Q-Tips to clean out my ears. You would be evil as well if you couldn’t clean out your ears.

Melissa » 5766 days ago #

welcome to the 9rules family. man, it’s beautiful here!!

Thame » 5766 days ago #

Wait, you didn’t have to get the RFID chip?!

And scrivs said they had to be implanted anally. That’s it I’M OUT :D

mugget » 5766 days ago #

cool stuff!

i just found this site through the 9rules Blog. so – count me as another person happy that you’ve joined 9rules. _

Jared Christensen » 5766 days ago #

Scrivs, my Q-tips are your Q-tips. Er, I mean, I’ll buy you a pack.

Thame, EWWW (and LOLs). There’s no better time than now to visit a good proctologist! ;)

Alvin » 5766 days ago #

Congrats! I just joined 9rules myself. Haven’t received my gold-plated ipod yet but thanks for the heads up, gonna drop Paul an email pretty soon…

Jeff » 5765 days ago #

Jared, there does seem to be some synergy in Scrivs’ choices for Round Three. Announcement for my site is pending, but you might just relate to one of my posts from last Spring:

Jared Christensen » 5765 days ago #

Jeff, that is one freaky coincidence. Or is it?

ucantblamem » 5765 days ago #

Just out of curiosity – what are the advantages of joining something like 9rules?

Shawn Anthony » 5764 days ago #

My god, this is the best use of pink (or near pink) I have ever seen! Great site! Great writing style! Welcome to 9rules! It’s cozy in here.

Rocketeer » 5764 days ago #

Good question “ucantblamem”. It’s obvious that you get a little more traffic, but what if, like Jared you have traffic, then how does it help?—[jared’s reply here]—

Jared Christensen » 5763 days ago #

Hmmm, yes. What are the benefits of being a part of a network?

  1. Exposure to new audiences. 9rules has a diversified membership, drawing diversified readership.
  2. Increased exposure with no strings attached. All I had to do was agree to not write crappy content and display the 9rules logo on my pages.
  3. Benefits by association. All writers enjoy the credibility associated with the network thanks to higher-profile writers. There are also the 9rules forums for sharing ideas, getting help, and fostering a community.

That’s just off the top of my head…

Gerard McGarry » 5762 days ago #

Congratulations Jared. 9rules really is the place to be at the moment, although I’m pretty sure Scrivs has been sneaking a peek at my Bloglines account, because a lot of the recent signups I’m already subscribed too!

Yannick » 5761 days ago #

Congrats Jared!

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